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  • TT4000
    $2,885.00 TT4000
    4000lt tank (2920L x 1970H x 750W) Price is too the Perth depot

  • RCP3700
    $990.00 RCP3700
    1650D x 1750W x 2000Apex/Inlet

  • RCP1200
    $650.00 RCP1200
    1050D x 1.44Wall Hgt x 1.54 Total Hgt

  • RCP550
    $440.00 RCP550
    620D x 2000 Total Hgt

  • RCP320
    $410.00 RCP320
    580D x Total Hgt 1260mm

  • Available Australia Wide.
1333lt Fat Tank, 1012mm Long x 750mm Deep x 1950mm High
$1420 is the the Perth depot.
Most colours available
    $1,590.00 Fat Tank 1333
    Fat Tank 1333lt, 1012mm Long x 1950mm High x 750mm Wide The advertised price is to the Perth depot.

  • 2000lt Poly Tank, 1500L x 750W x 1950H
    $1,825.00 Fat Tank 2000
    The advertised price is to the Perth depot. 2000lt FAT TANK, 1500 Long x 1950 High x 750 Wide

  • 4.6D x 2.9Wall Hgt x 3450Apex Hgt
    $8,879.00 JRR50000
    4.6D x 2.9Wall x 3450Total

  • 4.6D x 3.3Inlet x 3.45Total Hgt
    $8,030.00 RCP50000
    On sale till end September 2020

  • 2.35D x 2.44Inlet x 2.55Total
    $2,200.00 RCP10000
    2.35D x 2.44Inlet x 2.55Apex

  • 1.8D x 1.89Inlet x 2.0Apex
    $1,100.00 RCP4500
    1.8D x 1.9Inlet Height x 2.0Apex Height, Free Delivery within 700km of Perth

  • $15,000.00 Concrete Tanks Available in 54,000lt, 90,000lt and 135,000lt
    Solid long lasting Concrete Tanks, most areas in WA...12,000Gal, 20,000Gal, 30,000Gal available prices change as per your postcode and availability of concrete Please call for your quote